Alison's Journey Home


The great thing is that Alison and I are both feeling. A couple of days of antibiotics has her only about back. It snowed the night before last, so we have been stuck, although she enjoys going out.

Now seemed finer and the snow melted, so we headed out. It got colder, and it freezing!

I bummed as my friend Amy, from Houston, is leaving tonight. She awakens to Moscow in 2:30 AM (exactly the exact same flight I will be carrying Tuesday night), also leaves for Houston Friday morning. Alison and I shall miss her and her son, but my wallet will not!

She has been a shopping effect on me! On Sunday, we went into the bazaar… we had been told it was just like a giant flea market… however they sell everything. I purchased a gorgeous Shearling coat…. This coat in your home will cost at least $1200. I paid $210. Amy bought a mink coat (and also just paid approximately $200 for this). Yes, they’d fur coats and leather in this flea market.

Yesterday evening, we went for a different massage. We’ve had Jezegul’s professional services .

I wish I could paint the image happening. Amy needed to leave to go for her exit interview here. (I will do this on Monday.) It required so long that she needed to leave for to her appointment, although Amy and I purchased lunch. So, I was left by her, and they brought the meals.

I’m studying, in my lap with Alison, feeding her a Kaz pizza and ingesting some Type

Of hamburger type dish I guess I purchased, and the plate of food of Amy is currently sitting here. Studying email, eating, and Feeding a kid isn’t simple to do. The area is filled and are Peace Corps employees, so it is a group in here with me.

I really don’t think Alison’s likely to last sitting in my lap. So, I will sign up today… she is getting very cranky! Check out to learn more about dance mat typing not working.